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Our story is an American story. In 1887, two immigrant brothers by the names of Harry and Max Hart scraped together just enough money to open up a men's clothier in downtown Chicago.

Through their tireless work, savvy inovation (we were the first to introduce suits tailored for different body types, zipper trousers and tropical weight wool suits, amongst other things) and an unwavering commitment to dressing men in high-quality clothing produced right here in the USA, the brothers grew their company into one of the largest suits manufacturers in the world.

HSM continues in that tradition today, giving well-dressed men of conviction the style and grace they demand in the American-made choice they deserve.


We believe that every man is entitled to suits with seams in all the right places and jacket shoulders that tastefully swagger as they walk forward into life. We believe that men deserve to move with grace and class and style and that they deserve clothing resilient to pass down to their sons. 

If you look on the inside of our suits, you'll notice the strength and regularity of every seam, the attention paid to the lining and the resilient threading of every button. If you look at the outside, you'll notice that it's made from the finest materials to ensure that you're not merely dressed up when you're wearing one of the suits, but that you actually look smart. (There is a big difference.)

Basically, we believe that if you're not going to try to make the best suit possible when you set out, there's no point in starting at all.