sophisticated, enduring, and high-quality
American style define a man and a life tailored
for the ULTIMATE gentlemen.


The Hart Schaffner Marx commitment to excellence is a reflection of our man’s personal and professional values and provides him with the confidence to know he is a member of a distinguished club. 

We've been defined by American craftsmanship for over 100 years. Savvy innovation, tireless work, and an unwavering dedication are the foundations of the Hart Schaffner Marx brand. We were born and bred in the midwest and our loyalty and passion lie in producing top quality garments that are made in America.


American heritage

Since our beginning in 1887, we have devoted ourselves to dress men around the world in well-crafted, understated, elegant clothing proudly made in the USA.



There is noticeable strength and regularity of every seam of our suits and precise attention paid to the lining and the resilient threading of every button.



Our commitment to quality should be felt every time a man puts on his suit and fastens his belt. We believe that men deserve to move with grace, class and style.